Photo by Viviane Feldman

Dominique is a video journalist currently based in New York City, working as the video fellow at OZY Media. 

Intimate storytelling is what draws Dominique to Video Journalism. She spent the year of 2016 - 2017 documenting the isolated lifestyle on one of Maine’s remote outer islands, Isle au Haut, where the year-round population is 35 people. To accomplish this, she spent the summer of 2016 living on the island in a 10’ x 12’ shack that doubled as a tool shed. With no running water or electricity, she lived on Luna bars and PB&Js. Her living situation immersed her in the culture she was documenting so she loved every second of it.

The belief that we create our own opportunities has fueled her actions throughout life. In fact, it's what led her to this industry. As a senior in a high school with limited photography and journalism options, she founded the school’s first newspaper and then the first photography club. During the winter of her freshman year at RIT, she discovered a Non-Profit Organization Innovate Kenya, a company supporting teenage driven business concepts that address issues in their communities such as poaching, deforestation, pollution and more. After sending them a proposal to create a photojournalism internship, she spent the summer seeing Kenya through the eyes of Tom Osborne, an 18-year-old entrepreneur who developed a company that produces organic charcoal to prevent deforestation and pollution. That connection and respect she formed with Tom’s team in his Nyanza village is what continues to draw her to storytelling. Her passion only grows as she continues to bond with and learn from the people in her stories.